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Project prospectus assignment

Format your prospectus according to MLA guidelines for margins, spacing, name, date, etc., headers, etc. as outlined on my "simple stuff" page. Note that I will not accept any typed work that has any errors in document formatting: work submitted with "simple stuff" errors in formatting will be returned to you ungraded, and you will have to fix the errors and resubmit the assignment to get credit for it. 

Within strict limits of 600-750 words, compose a narrative of several paragraphs outlining your plans for the capstone paper. Be as specific as you can in stating the major points that you foresee elaborating in support of your central argument (i.e. in answer of the question[s] that define the focus of your topic, as indicated in the statement of topic assignment).

Do speak in the first person, using such expressions as "I plan to show," "I will point out," etc., and offer some tentative conclusions of what you think you will discover or hope to show. Also include specific explanation of how the critical or theoretical framework underpinning your analysis of the work or works you are addressing will be important to your project. It would be appropriate to include a small number of very brief quotations from the primary work(s) you are examining and possibly from some initial research.

Whether or not you cite them, include a working preliminary bibliography of 5-7 secondary sources (titled "Works Consulted"): the list of sources does not count in the 600-750 word limit.