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English 1101.13 schedule, fall 2016

Updated 11/29/16

Note that this schedule of readings and assignments is tentative.  I will make additions and adjustments as need arises, giving ample notice in class and on the web when making changes in the schedule.

Day/Date Assignments due Readings due In class
Monday, August 15  

Course syllabus
1101 syllabus supplement
1101 grades and grading

Introduction to course
Persuasive format
Wednesday, August 17 Student info (online)
Launchpad registration

Golden rules 1-5
Persuasive format
Little, Brown Reader (LBR):
  "Hollow Claims about Fantasy . . ." 109-11
  "Letting Go" 164-66

Simple Stuff
Writing exercise 1
Thursday, August 18 Drop/add ends


Monday, August 22 Writing exercise 2
ENGL 1101 pre-test
(D2L assessment course quiz)
Launchpad exercise 1: Word Choice
Simple Stuff
Golden rules 6-10
No class meeting
Wednesday, August 24 Practice GR quiz (optional)
Practice GR quiz answers (for practice purposes)
Golden rules exam (D2L quiz)
Plagiarism module, part 1
   (D2L module & Plagiarism quiz)

On plagiarism

No class meeting
Monday, August 29 Launchpad exercise 2: Hyphens Nuggets 1-5
Persuasive format sample 1
  "The Family" 143-44
  "Big Mother Is Watching" 428-31

Wednesday, August 31

Nuggets quiz
Nuggets quiz answers

Nuggets 6-10
Persuasive format sample 2
LBR: "Eminem Is Right" 171-84

Writing exercise 3
Monday, Sept. 5 Nuggets exam (D2L quiz) Labor Day holiday 
Labor Day holiday
Wednesday, Sept. 7 Launchpad exercise 3: Quotation Marks Quotations 1-3
LBR: "We Have No 'Right to Happiness'" 26-30
  "What If Marriage Is Bad for Us?" 160-63

Handout: "My Husband's Nine Wives"

Paper 1 assigned
Writing exercise 4
Friday, Sept. 9 Paper 1 proposal due by 5:00 p.m. Submit via email to chip@chipspage.com  
Monday, Sept. 12 Paper 1 complete draft
post to D2L Assignments dropbox by 9:30 a.m.
Quotations 4-5
No class meeting
Wednesday, Sept. 14 Peer response 1 Word problems
: "Keep Online Poker Out . . ." 269-71
  "Laptops in the Classroom?" 271-74
Monday, Sept. 19 Word problems quiz (D2L quiz)
Paper 1 final draft
LBR: "Class Dismissed" 294-96
Handout: "Why Do American Kids Learn So Little?"
Wednesday, Sept. 21 Quotations quiz
Quotations quiz answers
Handouts: "Japanese Education"
  "Order in the Classroom"
Friday, Sept. 23 Quotations exam (D2L quiz) due by 10:00 p.m.  
Monday, Sept. 26 Launchpad exercise 4: prepositions LBR: "Proposal to Abolish Grading" 312-14
  "In Defense of Testing" 315-16
  "Two Cheers for Examinations" 317-20
Paper 2 assigned
Wednesday, Sept. 28

Paper 2 proposal

LBR: "Everyone Is a Media Outlet" 416-20
  "What Adolescents Miss . . ." 423-25

In-class essay

Monday, October 3 Paper 2 complete draft   Introductions
Peer response 2
Wednesday, October 5 LBR: "Work" 331-36
Handout: "What You Do Is What You Are"
Monday, October 10 Paper 1 corrections
Paper 2 final draft
LBR: "Brains as Well as Brawn" 337-38
  "Case for Working with Your Hands" 338-47
Wednesday, Oct. 12 Last day to withdraw 
with "W" grade
LBR: "Eat Food: Food Defined" 492-500
  "Against Meat" 510-17
  "The Carnivore's Dilemma" 553-56
Monday, October 17

Learning Curve exercise 1

LBR: "Salvation" 236-37
Handout: "The Insufficiency of Honesty"

Wednesday, Oct. 19   Handouts: "America, Look at Your Shame "
  "The Singer Solution to World Poverty"
Paper 3 assigned
Friday, Oct. 21 Paper 3 proposal due by 5:00 p.m. Submit via email to chip@chipspage.com  
Monday, October 24 Paper 3 complete draft   Peer response 3
Wednesday, Oct. 26 In-class essay corrections LBR: "Why Boys Don't Play with Dolls" 232-35 Library orientation
Monday, October 31 Learning Curve exercise 2:
subject-verb agreement
Online: "Barbie Doll"
LBR: "I Want a Wife" 150-51
Wednesday, November 2


LBR: "Women's Brains" 223-28
  "You Are What You Say" 368-73

  "The Second Shift" 144-49
Monday, November 7

Learning Curve exercise 3: commas splices
Paper 2 corrections
Paper 3 final draft

LBR: "The Male Myth" 229-31
Handout: "The 'Act Like a Man' Box"
Wednesday, November 9 Learning Curve exercise 4: fragments Handouts: "Men as Success Objects"
    "The Men We Carry in Our Minds"
Monday, November 14 Learning Curve exercise 5: pronouns Online: "Hard Rock"

Paper 4 assigned
Bonus writing exercise

Wednesday, November 16 Paper 4 proposal   1101 post-test
November 21-26
Thanksgiving holiday Thanksgiving holiday Thanksgiving holiday

Monday, November 28

  Handouts: "Obsessed with Sport"
  "It Isn't Just a Game"
Wednesday, November 30 Paper 4 complete draft   Peer response 4

Monday, December 5

Paper 3 corrections Handout: "The Prisoner's Dilemma" Discuss exam
Final exam
Wednesday, December 7
8:00-10:00 a.m.
Paper 4 final draft
All rewrites
  Exam essay