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Week 15 conference schedule: final individual presentation practice

Some of us are meeting Monday in the SLC Foundation Boardroom at 5:00 (or as soon as you can get there) to practice oral presentations. If my notes are correct, this group includes Lara, Erin, Kennia, William, Tami, and possibly Deanna. If you are not in the list but want to attend this final SLC practice session, you are certainly welcome: just email me to let me know.

However, I'd also like to meet with each of you individually for a final one-on-one oral presentation practice in my office. Especially if you are presening Wednesday but cannot make the practice Monday, I urge you to sign up for a time Monday or Tuesday. If you are presenting not this week, but on May 1st, we can meet Thursday or Friday or even next Monday or Tuesday for your final one-on-one practice.


Mon., April 23rd:

11:00 - William

11:30 -

12:15 - Taylor?

1:30 - Lara

2:00 - Tami

2:30 -


Tues., April 24th:

11:00 - Kennia

11:30 - Erin

12:00 - Adriana




Wed., April 25th:

11:00 -

11:30 - Zach


Thurs., April 26th:

10:30 - Deanna

11:00 - [DreTavius advising]

11:30 -

12:00 -

2:00 -

2:30 -

3:00 -