Here are three items of critical commentary on "The Death of Ivan Ilych," the first a brief article and the two others excerpts from longer articles.

Works cited info is below the links, at the bottom of this page.

Here's the story, in installments:

The first article of criticism or commentary is titled "Three Stories by Tolstoy."  The author is E. M. Forster, the article was taken from a book called Two Cheers for Democracy, published in 1972 in London by Edward Arnold.  You don't need to worry about an editor or the edition of this book.  The pages of the article are 208-12.

The second Tolstoy article is "Death the Supreme Ironist," by Charles Glicksberg.  It was taken from a book called The Ironic Vision in Modern Literature, published in 1969 by Martinus Nijhoff in The Hague (a city).  Pages 81-86.  No editor or edition to worry about here either.

The third Tolstoy article is by Temira Pachmuss, called "The Theme of Love and Death in Tolstoy's Ivan Ilych," from the journal The American Slavic and East European Review.  The Volume # is 20.1, the year is 1961, page numbers 76-83.