Writing Exercise 3

Compose a topic sentence outline, as explained and illustrated in Writing Tip 2, addressing the topic prompt below. Make sure your central question uses key words from the most important sentence in the prompt (Writing Tip 1) and then make sure you use the key words from the central question in each topic sentence and the thesis.

Your outline should contain four separate sentences:

  1. The central question.
  2. Topic sentence 1.
  3. Topic sentence 2.
  4. Thesis statement, combining the points in topic sentences 1 and 2.

Topic prompt: There is no truer statement than "times change." Certainly life has changed dramatically in the past two decades in a great many ways. Various commentators have noted that life is very different for teenagers today when compared to the teenage years of their parents and grandparents. Teens today face many challenges that previous generations faced, yes, but also appreciably different challenges that earlier generations could not imagine. Construct a carefully reasoned essay (i.e. a topic sentence outline) explaining how life is difficult for teenagers today.