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English 999 exercise 3

Construct (or rewrite) topic sentence outlines for both paper 1 assignment options:

1)Both "Letting Go" and "Big Mother Is Watching Us" argue that parents are harming children with their dramatically increased involvement in their children's lives. Explore this topic: consider different ways parents may indeed harm or cause problems for their children by watching over them so closely. Include at least three quotations, total, from these articles.

2) "Obsessed with Sport" and "It Isn't Just a Game: Clues to Avid Rooting" explore different explanations for why people care so much, as spectators, about sports. Present at least three different reasons you think so many people are such passionate sports fans. Include at least three quotations, total, from these two articles.

For both topics, label each element (question, topic sentence 1, 2, 3, thesis, etc.) and put each on its own "line" (i.e. not in a paragraph):

      • Question

      • TS1

      • TS2

      • TS3

      • Thesis (TS1 + TS2 + TS3)

Submit both outlines in the same 999 exercise 3 dropbox.